Maps to Bases

We cannot provide a map from every airport to the different bases that are in each city. The information desk (or USO office) at the airport can do that or the Car Rental agencies have maps and directions. To get a jump on your final leg, consult


USO (United Services Organization):

This organization has been providing service to America's military personnel for generations. Click here for a complete list of their facilities. For the domestic Air Terminals where the USO operates lounge areas (sleep area, game room, light snacks, internet connections) you should consult the chart below (organized by state).  Be aware that sometimes you will have to leave the secure part of the airport to get to the USO lounge… so if you arrive in an air terminal on a flight then you should make sure that you have enough time before your next flight to get back through security checkpoints before heading to the USO lounge.


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